It is said by many masters that editing is at its best when it is unseen. The editing course at the Academy will guide each students to learn the skills to master the craft of film editing, to make it work for telling a story which ever way – seen or unseen. Apart from the theory classes each student will work on a number of student excercises as an editor and work with actual footage obtained from already made films. During the 3rd and 4th semesters students will have two major workshops with eminent film editors from the industry.

Medium of instruction will be English

I Semester Overview

The students will be introduced to how a series of images/shots work in a continous manner seamlessly to form a narration. The elements of continuity match cuts will be emphasized upon.

II Semester Overview

In this semester, the students would discover the time-space relationship in forming the narrative. The complex non-narrative structuring while editing is an integral part of this session. The art of fine tuning the EDIT would be the focus of this session.

III Semester Overview

The emphasis of this semester is the coming together/sensitive blending of the digital opportunities with the traditional sensibility of the CUT.

IV Semester Overview

Revisiting the aesthetics of editing imbibed from the earlier semesters, submission of a THESIS PAPER, visual construction of a 1 minute AD Film and the EDIT of the diploma film.

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