Each student writes and directs a continuity film, a dialogue exercise, a mise-en-scene exercise, a documentary film, a music video, an advertisement film and a 30 min. Diploma Film. The Academy's Two-Year program in Direction and screenplay writing gives students the all-around filmmaking experience, emphasizing on the writing skills, lensing, shot divisions, mis-en-scene and handling of actors necessary to make their own visual stories. The year is divided into two semesters. Students in the program receive over 1,200 hours of lecture and 1200 hours of hands-on instruction and practice. The 4th semester is exclusively dedicated to actual production experience making the diploma film. The curriculum integrates intensive study in all the major filmmaking disciplines including cinematography, directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing. Students will utilize high end Digital Technologies as per needs.

Students are also taken through a guided tour on the development and history of cinema. There will be regular screenings of all time classic films from India and abroad. Getting accustomed to other art forms will be a priority in our academy. We will also encourage the students to re-invent the hobby of reading books. Visits to art exhibitions, musical concerts, theatrical performances, etc. will be part of the timetable. Understanding and appreciation of music will be a major aspect of the course.

Our program is for students who have the passion to plunge into full-time filmmaking, and to commit themselves to a focused and demanding curriculum. Students must work with self-discipline, energy and mutual respect.

Medium of instruction will be English

I Semester Overview

Beginning on day one, students participate in an array of classes imparting basic knowledge in Film Directing, Screenwriting, Digital Camera Technique, Lighting, Digital Editing, Directing Actors and Production Design. Supplementary classes in History of Art, Music Appreciation, and Film history and appreciation will be also conducted. They extend and deepen their in-class learning by producing their own short films using high end digital production platform.

During the first semester during the common course, working in crews of five or more, each student writes, produces, directs, and edits 3-5 min. films with increasing complexity. In addition, each student fulfills the essential roles of Director of Photography and Gaffer (Lighting Technician) on the films of other students. Thus, everyone has the extensive hands-on experience of working on many projects in the first six months.

II Semester Overview

During the second semester, students are given hands on in depth experience to new digital video technology. The digital video cameras will allow the students to delve deeper into the director's craft. Each student directs two projects - dialogue exercise and mis-en-scene exercise. These projects and specialized workshops challenge students to explore the dramatic mechanics of motion picture storytelling and the critical collaboration between actors and directors. Supporting classes include Screenwriting, Directing Actors, Production Design, and Documentary Filmmaking. The combination of these classes and the digital productions prepare students for the Third semester. There will be a 3-5 day workshop with a senior director of the industry to learn the use of dialogue and mis-en-scene.

III Semester Overview

During the third semester, students will have a deeper experience of blocking and mis-en-scene with classroom trials of scenes, which will also incorporate the handling of actors. In screenwriting classes, students will have a finer understanding of character development, dialogue writing and developing and resolving conflicts.

During this semester, students will make a 20 min. Documentary film. There will be two major workshops with eminent filmmakers to learn the script writing and subtleties of film direction.

IV Semester Overview

This semester is completely devoted to the production of a 30 min. Diploma film in 2K/4K digital format. Students will also make an advertisement film and write full length feature film script.

The Academy will select the best four diploma films and release it in the multiplexes. If any financial benefit is made, it will be shared with the students.

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