CURRICULUM - Director Videography

The Director of Photography is the visual translator of the script, enabling the director to narrate  the story evocatively. Modern digital cameras have evolved into fine instruments of image  creation. With a strong foundation of theory and in-depth practice in using available light and  artificial lights, this course empowers the students to take up any cinematographic challenges to  create a short film. Guest faculty would also be invited to discuss and present topics related to  cinematography and allied subjects. 


In the first semester the students will be initiated into the world of images and its wonder.  Probing from the wonder of ‘Eye-Vision’ to the magic of ‘Cinema’, it will be a journey through  science, magic and human civilization.
Practical Exercises

1. Basic Elements – Shape, Tone, Texture, Colour, Form, Pattern & Light. Telling an  idea/create a theme with 5 – 10 images.
2. Understanding and taming the natural light.
3. Continuity exercise – 3 minutes. 
4. Practical sessions on 3 point lighting and exposure. 
5. Practical sessions for camera operation. 
6. Latitude/exposure test.

In the second semester the students will have a more focused understanding of the various  digital cameras and aesthetics of lighting treatment. In this semester the students will also  become familiar with everyday filming problems and how to make creative solutions.
 Practical Exercises

1. Digital Video shooting with only available light
2. Studio practical in lighting.
3. Location lighting - day and night.
4. Understanding and using lenses.
5. Using filters.
6. Documentary Film – 10 minutes.
7. Short Film –10 minutes

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